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Estate Planning Attorney

At Wade Law Offices we help you preserve your estate and protect your assets while planning for the future. Your lawyer will make certain that your desires are carried out during your lifetime and at the end of your life, and that your estate is distributed according to your wishes. We utilize the most effective methods to efficiently transfer assets to beneficiaries and future generations while maintaining the value of your estate through plans designed to minimize tax and creditor liabilities.

Probate & Estate Administration Lawyer

When we administer an estate or will, we make sure that every step possible is taken to assure the decedent’s intentions are carried out, in accordance with the law. Your probate attorney at Wade Law Office has years of probate and estate administration experience. Your lawyer understands the time commitment and challenges associated with proper probate administration, and will help you through every step of the probate process to reduce the stress and sense of obligation you may be feeling.

Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney

Litigation over trusts and estates is all too common. Often, disputes and legal oversights happen because an executor, trustee or personal representative with little or no legal training may be ill-suited for the role of handling the assets of a complicated trust or estate. An experienced trust and estate attorney can help avoid problems in the administration of estates and wills. And a conscientious executor or trustee will rely on the advice offered by a knowledgeable estate and trusts lawyer to ensure they follow all the guidelines and requirements, and do a thorough job.

Wade Law Offices offers clients the highest level of legal advice in the following practice areas: Business Planning, Estate Planning, Succession Planning, Asset Protection, Trust and Estate Litigation, Probate and Estate Administration.

Comprehensive Business Planning Services

Your lawyer can advise you on all aspects of business law, including entity formation and maintenance for partnerships, non-profits and corporations, drafting, reviewing and negotiating all types of business transactions, and assisting clients with real estate partnerships, contracts, and lease agreements.

Asset Protection Lawyer

High-net-worth individuals and families often find themselves the targets of predatory lawsuits in California. At Wade Law Offices, your attorney can work with you to protect your wealth by setting up barriers between your assets and the people who might want to take them away from you. A well-devised plan to protect the wealth you have accumulated is vitally important to you and your family. We use the appropriate legal tools and structures to limit your estate’s risk of exposure to lawsuits and future potential creditors.

Succession Planning Lawyer

We specialize in helping owners of closely-held and family businesses develop and implement succession plans and exit strategies. Each case is different, so your lawyer will be able to provide solutions that can range from keeping the business in the family to exit strategies that maximize the profit from its sale. Family harmony is the goal we always keep in mind.


We proudly serve clients throughout California. We are pleased to offer free consultations in all the areas of law that we practice. Set up a time to meet with us to learn how we might be able to help you take care of your estate planning, business and asset protection needs.