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Litigation over trusts and estates is all too common. Often, disputes and legal oversights happen because an executor, trustee or personal representative with little or no legal training may be ill-suited for the role of handling the assets of a complicated trust or estate.

An experienced trust and estate litigation attorney can help avoid problems in the administration of estates and wills. And a conscientious executor or trustee will rely on the advice offered by a knowledgeable estate and trusts lawyer to ensure they follow all the guidelines and requirements, and do a thorough job.

At Wade Law Offices we have extensive experience advising executors and trustees. In advising executors and trustees, your lawyer will focus on family harmony, adherence to the law and respect for the intentions of the trustor or decedent.

There are times, though, when litigation in trust and estate administration becomes necessary, and your lawyer will be able to follow through with all litigation procedures to ensure no mismanagement or malfeasance.

The Need for a Trust and Probate Litigation Lawyer

In administering a trust, a trustee owes a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries of the trust. In some situations however, a beneficiary may allege that a trustee has committed malfeasance. Usually these allegations involve claims of inadequate or irregular distributions of funds. Other allegations may include mismanagement of trust assets on the part of the trustee, illegal disposal of trust assets, diversion of assets to the trustee, undue influence, and conflicts of interest in the management of the trust. Engaging a trust and probate litigation lawyer to take the necessary action to protect the trust and beneficiaries may be required.

Working with the Right Attorney When Estate and Trust Litigation is Unavoidable

Your attorney will have a deep understanding of trust law and the legal responsibilities of trustees. Because we’ve created and administered many trusts, your lawyer will know how to investigate and pursue trust cases when the following situations occur:

  • Mismanagement of trust assets or failure to perform duties on the part of the trustee.
  • Illegal disposition of trust assets.
  • Diversion of assets to the trustee.
  • Conflicts of interest, or a situation that could possibly undermine the impartiality of a trustee.
  • Inappropriate or excessive manipulation exerted against a vulnerable person, known as undue influence.

The Value of an Experienced Attorney in the Trust and Probate Litigation Process

In pursuing a case against a trustee, your lawyer can seek to obtain a full and objective accounting of the trust’s activities, compel distribution of trust funds in accordance with the provisions of the trust and/or remove one or more trustees.

The sound advice from a trust and estate litigation attorney who knows trust and estate law can make all the difference in making certain that beneficiaries receive the assets intended for them.

Experienced Trust and Estate Litigation Lawyer

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Having created numerous trusts and been involved in the administration of such trusts, your attorney understands trust law and the legal responsibilities of trustees. We know what can go wrong in a trust, and when it does, how to investigate and pursue trust contest cases. In the event that a trust has been mismanaged or the trustees have not upheld their duties, we can help remedy the situation depending on the nature of the wrongs that the trustee has committed as well as the goals of the beneficiary.


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